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Training the mind to focus on the best possible Outcome.

So much unhappiness comes from what we think might happen. How things might go wrong.

I am working on training my mind to focus on the best possible outcome. No matter what happens…I am trying to accept each moment as a best possible outcome. If I believe in God and Divine Intervention and Angelic Ministrations and Miracles ( and I do!)then I must trust completely in outcomes.

Sometimes it seems that things are “going wrong”. For instance, I took a yoga class and one of the participants was very disruptive. She came in fifteen minutes late, loudly complaining of parking issues. She stomped around and then she started doing yoga. Things settled down a bit, until she told everyone how the poses were making her dizzy. She commandeered all attention to herself and then her phone started to ring off the hook!

My mind went to the physical “health rolodex” first. What could be “wrong” with her?

Inner ear imbalance

Low blood pressure…

Heart Problem…..



She needed the heart healing that was in the room. But it was all too much for her, like an overtired child that can’t fall asleep. In thinking about it now, if we all had put our arms around her she might have cried for a week.

In observing her behavior I noticed that she had the internal good sense to head in the direction of a loving yoga instructor who’s mission is pure and focused on compassion.

She headed in the direction of compassion. Clumsily, with anger and fear but still…

She headed there.

The instructor tried to help her by giving her baby steps.

In retrospect the outcome was perfect because I believe we were there to be witnesses to her pain.

Maybe the best possible outcome was that we witnessed her pain and that was step one for her. Maybe she can move toward healing with little tiny baby steps-

as we all do.

My baby steps for now are focusing on the best possible outcomes and accepting every outcome with gratitude and suspended judgment.

Because if we rest in God’s hands we may be used as an instrument of healing and it may not make sense in the immediate moment….but if we keep an open mind the meaning of the situation will be revealed.